Big kids

A Pine day in the big kids’ classroom

Written by 11 year old girl
(A normal Monday)

9:00 : In the morning we start off with circle, where all the kids, teachers and parents get to share their news.

9:15: we go out onto the oval and play a game, like crocodile, red rover, stuck in the mud and chain tiggy!!
9:30: Then we go into the classroom and do math

10:30: We go outside to play! We usually play froggy juice (Froggy juice is a bit like gang up tiggy and dodge ball combined, plus you can free people) with our teacher.

11:00: We go back to class and do writing or our projects. It’s really fun! Also we get to decide what to learn about (this term we learned about Mexico)!

12:30- ish: We go out for lunch!

1:30- ish: We go back to class and first do Drama with the big kids teacher, then we do environmental stuff with the middle kids teacher and then we do yoga with the little kids teacher!

3:00: Home time (which I don’t like)


(A normal Tuesday)

9:00: We have meeting instead of circle, where we all discuss issues we have and have votes on stuff .

The same as Monday up to 9:30

9:30: We go back to class and do math, but unlike Monday we stop half way through to watch BTN (Behind the news)

The same as Monday up to 1:30- ish

1:30- ish: We have art afternoon (YAY!). Where the teachers have art things for us to do then we chose which one to do!

3:00: Home time


(A normal Wednesday)

The same as Monday up to 12:30-ish

12:30-ish: We go out for lunch, but halfway through we go swimming, Ice-skating, bowling or roller-skating!
3:00: home time



(A normal Thursday)

The same as Tuesday up to 9:15 then same as Monday up to 1:30-ish

1:30-ish: I can’t remember, Sorry….

3:00: Home time


(A normal Friday)

Same as Monday up to 9:30

9:30: Friday is whole school day so we all go to the little kids’ room and the teachers will tell us what we’re doing today (We have different themes each Friday) It’s usually something we can do with our buddies (Buddies are when a big kid gets a little kid to look after for the year and make sure they’re happy and getting along well with the other kids, not that we don’t do that anyway. At Pine we all look after each other)

10:30: Morning tea!

11:00: We go back to the thing we started at 9:30.

12:30-ish: We have picnic where we all bring in food and we all share it!

12:40: Rest of the day to play!!

3:00: home time.




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